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[SOLD] A.A.Brown & Sons Supreme de Luxe 79722

Now Sold

An A.A.Brown & Sons Supreme de Luxe shotgun. This 12 bore was completed in 1981 and features fine rose and scroll engraving by W.Howe with a silver finish. It has a recently re-finished, highly figured straight hand stock with a gold oval and comes in a pattern 19 Brady leather case fitted with oil bottle, snap caps and cleaning rod.

ActionEasy opening sidelock with double triggers.
Weight6lb 8oz.
BalanceHinge pin.
Barrel length27″ (Chopper lump).
Chambers70mm (2 3/4″).
Proof.729″ original 1981 Birmingham marks.
Actual bore size.730″.
O/D @ lightest point.780″ (L), .778″ (R)
Wall thickness @ lightest point25 thou’ (L), 24 thou’ (R).
Chokes1/4 (L) & Imp. Cyl. (R).
StockWalnut straight hand grip with gold oval.
Length of pull14 3/4″ from front trigger.
Cast5/16″ right-handed.
Drop1 5/8″ comb and 2 3/8″ heel.
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