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Brown Beretta B.B.Game No.40


A 20 bore Brown Beretta B.B.Game number 40 based on a Beretta 687 EELL Diamond Pigeon number N44880B. As part of the modification process the very well figured stock was converted to straight hand and the fore end was re-shaped before being hand chequered. Extra hand engraving can be spotted all over the gun which greatly adds to the visual appeal. Please take a look at this review by The Gun Shop of a very similar gun. The last owner had been shooting this alongside this similar consecutively numbered gun, using them as a pair and they could be bought together.

ActionBeretta 687 EELL with single selective trigger.
Weight6lb 1oz.
BalanceHinge pin.
Barrel length28″.
Chambers76mm (3″).
Proof15.9mm original Italian marks. (c.2000).
Actual bore size.625″.
O/D @ lightest point.694″.
Wall thickness @ lightest point33 thou’.
ChokesTeague flush m/c – I.C, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, Full.
StockWalnut straight hand grip with gold oval.
Length of pull14 1/2″.
CastRight handed 1/4″ heel 3/8″ toe.
Drop1 1/2″ comb and 2 1/4″ heel.
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